Prevention of low back pain in Kyoto. 腰痛の予防にミロク気功整体院

Prevention of low back pain,that is Japanese old martial arts

We are an Practitioner of Nanryu(南龍), who are the Japanese Traditional Martial Arts.

We will adjust to thoroughly sacroiliac joint and hip joint

This is to correct the distortion of the spinal column due to the fact that human beings walk upright.

Low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain resolves.

This treatment eliminates fatigue by the time difference of Jet.

Clinic is a 7-minutes walk from Kyoto Station.

Location :801 KOTANI(コタニ) building. Shichijodori Nishinotoin intersection.

Clinic name :Miroku manipulative Qigong Institute.

By appointment only.

Treatment time :AM8:00 to PM7:00 (MON ---SAT)

Japanese holidays and Sundays are closed.

Book by phone :090 3487 2687 (Accepted at any time)

日本古武道伝_南龍整体術ミロク気功整体院 河本馨